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While working as employees in the Fire Protection Industry, we noticed that too many clients were being let down.  What the customer was promised  - a high quality product delivered on time and what they received were often miles apart.  At the time there also seemed to be a decline in quality, skill level, training, and knowledge which had a huge bearing on workmanship.

This gave us the opportunity to start Fusion Fire. We wanted the focus of the business to be on communication and honesty.

Our goals are to always provide top quality workmanship, deliver projects on time and work closely with our clients to ensure good relationships and clarity.  It was also evident that as a smaller company we could offer our clients a fair competitive price, a win for both parties. 


Our Team

We (Tim & Kellee) have worked for large companies over the years and witnessed a big disconnect between management and the workers on the shop floor. We wanted our Employees to enjoy and take pride in their work, be comfortable sharing their knowledge and feel valued and appreciated every day. We believe this has been key to our business success. Our Fusion Fire team is now more like a big family!

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Aaron Mytton


Tim Saxton


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Kellee Saxton


Miria Nicholls


Jason Castle


OUR vision

Our vision is to create sustainable relationships within our community by providing a service that protects lives, properties, and assets.

We always try to create an environment where our Clients & Employees feel VALUED. We also prioritize our employees’ learning, development, and overall wellbeing. We will continue to train and mentor youth in the Fire Protection Industry to ensure the knowledge from past generations is not lost, including work ethic.

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